Click on each link to answer the question:
1.What does "El día de los muertos" mean in English?
2. Where is the holiday celebrated? When is it celebrated? How did it originate?
3. What is an "altar"? Explain what it is used for, how it is decorated, and what is put on the altar.
4. What type of flower is typically used to celebrate "El día de los muertos"?
5. What is "pan de muertos"?
6. What happens to the food that is put on the altar?
7. What is a "calaca"?
8. What is the trip to the cemetery like on "El día de los muertos"? What is brought to the cemetary? How is the time spent?
9. Who is José Guadalupe Posada? What is he famous for? What do you think of his works?
10. Where can you go here in Birmingham to participate in "El día de los muertos" celebrations? What kind of activities will you find there?
11. What is a sugar skull? How is it decorated?
12. What do you think about this Mexican holiday? How is it similar and how is it different from holidays that you celebrate in the U.S.? -Write 2 paragraphs describing this.